Five Cool Tech Tools/Tips

Who’s ready to hit the ground running after break with some new technology? Check out the tech tools and tips below to send learning, collaboration, and engagement into hyperdrive in your classroom!


Slides Carnival


Do you use google slides or powerpoint? Check out for some awesome new templates and designs!

Just scroll until you find one that you like, click on it, and then hit “Preview and Download.” You can then choose to copy the template into google docs or powerpoint.


Print Google Docs with Comments


Ever wish you could print a google doc WITH the comments on the side for instruction purposes? This add-on lets you do that. You have to be using your CHROME browser for it to work, and I suggest magnifying your window to 110% if the comments are showing up cut off in the print preview. The video below should walk you through it.




Have you used Padlet in the past, but have been upset with their growing restrictions? OR Do you want to make an area for your students to organize their thoughts and have real conversations about things that they find on the web? Then Wakelet is for you! Save articles, videos, images, tweets, and pretty much any link you find online. Organize your saved items into stunning collections. Add your own images, text and reorder however you like. Or have your students share and make a group collection. Either way check it out!




Thinglink is a tool that allows you to annotate any picture by overlaying media tools to the image with trigger “spots.” What the heck does that mean? In layman’s terms you can add images over other images that get revealed with the push of a button. See the example below for more information!




Mentimeter is described as “interactive presentation software,” and we love it as a formative assessment tool, discussion springboard, and much more! It combines technologies like clickers and poll everywhere with new features (like filtering out profanity) to allow you engage your class on a different level. Take polls, create word clouds, ask questions, and the free version is pretty awesome.

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