What is Coaching?

Coaching is a partnership.

Coaching is about students.

Coaching is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Coaching is something everyone can benefit from.

Coaching is designed to meet the needs of the unique students and the unique teacher; it is not one-size-fits-all.

So often time for reflection is often lost in the day-to-day grind of teaching, and coaching builds that time in for teachers. The work a coach does is not in any way about “fixing” what is wrong with a teacher or evaluating weakness in instruction; instead, the focus is on the students, where they are, where they need to be, and what the teacher and coach need to do together to get them there.

We hope coaching is embraced by every single teacher, from novice to veteran, as an opportunity to meet the needs of our students, and, through working together, a chance for both the coach and the teacher to perfect their craft a little more along the way.